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Jazari Engineers Network (JEN) is a group of Muslim engineers who believe the time has come to mobilize fellow engineers and be a Force for Good in the world. Our objectives are to encourage more Muslim engineers in Singapore to contribute their expertise to the community, provide a networking platform for Muslim engineers in Singapore for career and professional growth, and provide career guidance for young people to choose engineering as a course and career of choice.



Muslim Healthcare Professionals Association is an association that was founded in 2004 comprising of Muslim Healthcare Professionals and students who’s main aim is that of “A Healthier Ummah (Community)”. It aims to do this by collaborating and forming networks with many community organizations and giving specialized advice through our professionals who are keen to contribute back to society. It also aims to encourage more Muslims to join the healthcare profession by organizing seminars as well as student exposure by facilitating work attachments to healthcare professionals.



The Legal Chapter seeks to increase engagement between local Malay/Muslim law undergraduates with legal professionals through a mentorship programme, in order to provide the undergraduates access to the wealth of experience and knowledge held by the professionals. On top of that, it also aims to enhance camaraderie between the different generations of law graduates within the community. The programme is supported by occasional get-togethers, such as a Ramadhan iftar session for both students from NUS and SMU, as well as practising lawyers.



The Codette Project is a ground-up initiative aimed at encouraging diversity in the tech sector by providing minority women with awareness and access to the tech industry. We have successfully conducted multiple workshops (e.g. social media design, coding), networking and community events that are aimed at developing a supportive community of women interested in tech. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @thecodetteproject.


MSociety is a network of Muslim tech enthusiasts in Singapore. It serves as an organic platform where the members share and discover tech knowledge and opportunities with one another, as well as to spark interest within the members to come up with beneficial tech solutions for the community.

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